Old Problems

by React

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released April 11, 2011



all rights reserved


React Toledo, Ohio

Punk rock band from Toledo, Ohio.


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Track Name: The State of Things
I hate everyone of you
i have nothing to prove
straight to hell
this world is doomed
this is the state of things
down the cities drains
hope has gone to waste
ill blow out my brains
you're all to blame.
Track Name: Giving In
Giving up and giving in,
swallowed into a world within,
a swarm of lies,
fill my crooked mind,
i'm almost out of time,
fading in and fading out
constantly filled up with doubt
i'm giving in.
Trying to find a way out,
but i just can seem to do it,
weighed down by my life,
i wish i could just lose it.
Track Name: This Place Feels Like A Curse
This world is dying,
and i'm stuck trying,
to make something
out of nothing.
This city is growing cold,
and i am too,
the skies are always gray,
and nothing is ever new,
I'd like to say it's getting better,
but it's only getting worse,
sometimes this place feels like a curse.
Track Name: Old Problems
fuck his word
fuck his son
fuck his book
what has he done
hes done nothing for me
ive been to mass
ive said the prayers
but ive never known a god who cared
i cant find a reason to belive in
something so unreal
he doesnt care about me
dont preach to me
cause i dont want to hear it
theres no father, no son,
and theres no holy spirit
so leave me alone.
Track Name: I Will Never Win
I don't know why,
but i'm still alive,
i hate every day,
but i hide it inside,
i can't take my life,
but i wish i would die,
i will never win.
Track Name: Giving Up
Life's a burden and im giving up
this world is to unforgiving
no matter how hard i try
im still stuck in this rut
we are all just waiting to die
this worlds covered in shit
people slaughtered like pigs
still your plague spreads
im so fucking sick
how can you believe in a lie
we are all just waiting to die.
Track Name: Swell
Don't want your heaven,
don't fear your hell,
i only wait,
wait for the waves of oblivion,
to push forward and swell.
Track Name: Crushing Me
Carrying a weight,
i can barely lift,
crushing me everyday,
it's the burden of what you,
want me to be.
I'm so sick of this.
This isn't for me,
it will never be,
i'll spend the rest of my life,
filled with misery.
Track Name: Useless
Forever nothing,
moving towards a worthless oblivion,
nothing matters, no one cares,
your words are empty.
Stop living in the past,
start living for yourself,
these traditions are useless,
i wish they would disappear.
Track Name: Get Bent
Fuck all your positive shit,
and fuck all that negative shit,
I don't want to hear any of it.
Get bent.